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Jose Luis

Para ser portatatil hubiera sido con bateria!

Hola soy de Peru me encanta el sonido de turbosound. Bueno pero en esta nueva version iNSPIRE iP2000 falto algo muy importante para ser portatatil hubiera sido con bateria recargable no se si ustedes tiene otro modelo con bateria me gustaria saber gracias.


Great for many reasons

We use these in a church context. About 200 people. Very shallow, wide room. Lots of windows. Really difficult acoustics. The iP2000 solves numerous problems for us. Wide dispersion allows sound to reach the space without additional speakers. Industrial design is much more aesthetically appropriate than speakers on stands or flown speakers. The acoustic, functional design improves clarity by reducing directional reflection off of all of the windows and hard surfaces. The small footprint saves on stage space and their placement against the walls allows us to have fewer floor monitors. Our odd space forces us to put microphones in front the speakers, the iP2000 allows us to do this with minimal feedback. They are light, affordable, able to be used as a portable system if necessary. We use this in combination with an X32 Rack and s16. It's proving to be a great solution. Now to the sound. The iP2000 sound great for what they are. I also have the Turbosound iQ12's, EV ZLX's and some higher end Tannoy, Apogee, Turbosound, EAW, RCF, Renkus speakers. I have personally mixed on many high end systems with full line arrays and touring quality speakers. I think I have a good handle on live sound. That being said, for direct comparison, all else being equal something like an iQ12 or QSC's k12 will sound better than the iP2000. In our context, the iP2000 shines since we would never hear any benefits of a better, more conventional speaker. The iP2000 are more than adequate for what they are. With some EQ and compression via the X32, we've got them sounding pretty good. The end result is actually much better than a conventional speaker even ones that are 5x the price of the iP's. If your space is acoustically ideal, then you can certainly do better although at a higher price point. For what the iP's cost, I think they are an amazing solution for many problems in the real world.

Sweet Jonny Knox

Love mine

Great sound. Looks cool. People come up and stare at it and ask all about it.I enjoy telling them all it does and no it is not made by Bose (they always ask) I'll be adding a 2nd one soon. 1 Is plenty for what I do, but for some reason I want another. Best sound system I've ever had, and I've tried many. The sound really travels farther than my other powered speakers. Clear and crisp sound. The bass thumps better than my EV system. It's so clear that you can turn it way down and still hear it all very well. It's such a quick set up to.

Myron BAMBOO Austin

Simply Awesome!

Awesome speakers. Sound quality is great and the portability makes these speakers stand alone. The link speaker feature eliminates the need for extra cables and for my business that's golden. The name of the game is presentation and the iP2000's are classic and beautiful to look at. Well worth the investment.


Awesome !

WOW - this unit is so nice - small , lightweight and sounds great ! My last gig with this - I ran 3 vocals, 2 guitars and a Rolands drum pad thru it - everything was crystal clear. It has plenty of control to tune it how you like for the venue you are playing .... and its quiet as a church mouse .. no humming. Perfect for the small venue artist. No stands, no monitors, fewer cables....Bose set the bar and this Turbo iP2000 has raised it. This unit "inspires" you to get out there and play some gigs, so it even has the right name !!



Having recently played in a band using 3 of the B*se sticks, I had been somewhat impressed by the relative lack of the inverse square law dropping volume over distance, their sound, and the lack of feedback or need for monitors. But for the price, they had better sound good. So I began looking for similar "column array" speakers without the B price tag. The iP2000 certainly looks good on paper, and the price is reasonable. So I ordered one. The column boasts 17 drivers, but only has a single tweeter at the very top, and even the other drivers in the column seem to be divided into sections with different crossover points. So I'm not sure that the coupling that could happen even at lower frequencies is really allowed to happen across all 17 drivers. Certainly not the higher frequencies. As a result, this ends up sounding and performing much more like a regular speaker, but it does not sound as good. It seems to lack all low-mid punch. Toms disappear completely. The subwoofer is adequate, but boomy and difficult to control. And because so much of the power is coming from a subwoofer with an omni pattern and a point-source tweeter, you do not get very even spectral coverage. I have not A/B'd it against the B*se, but I believe you would be better off spending the money on a Yamaha DXR10 or 12. I wish it had worked out, but I shipped it back.

Sidecar Gary


I bought Turbosound IP2000 on Monday (Labor Day ) I wanted to see how well it did for karaoke singers and figured I had 30 days to return it !!! Well after doing first gig last night plugged into my Mackie fx12 pro mixer .. It is awesome !!! I have some really good singers who come out to sing with me and WOW .. They sounded awesome to say the least .. You will not be disappointed with this speaker . Also I use mostly wireless mics .. Cheap gemi mics no feed back even right up against speaker .. My personal sure wireless 58 ,no feed back Also use a sure wired sm58 with no feed back I only bought 1 for now but will be adding another down the road Hope this helps your in your decision ..

DJ Tommy T

Easy Set Up No Brainer!

I received the iNSPIRE iP2000 have used it at two karaoke gigs so far. The main thing is was worried about was feedback and I am actually amazed at how little feedback there is even when people are right up against it with a mic. For semi and professional performers, feedback would not be an issue at all. People have been very positive about the sound and of course it's a snap to set up. It can handle a good size room but the sound was less in venue that had an acoustic ceiling and carpet. Truthfully I am still figuring out the settings and how to get the most out of it as the manual sucks. As far as the price and what you get, it's a no brainer in my book and it appears well made and very professional looking.

Keith Smith

Love It!

I finally received my ip2000 and have been able to put it through it's paces at a rehearsal. This unit is just what I've been looking for. It performs well and has plenty of power. It also has great options you wouldn't expect at this price point. The only negative thing I have found is that a protective cover is not going to be offered. I would like to be able to protect my "portable" equipment.


got my yesterday may get another one

got the system yesterday, well worth the wait, i have yet to do a gig with them i'm thinking about getting another set to balance it out the sound in bigger locations, but from what turbosound said one of these would be good for small locations up to 300 siting ballroom setup, i will try it this week but will bring my normal setup too just in case i need some back up reinforce sound because of the location size or design.

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