Turbosound Touring Sound family powers 8,000-strong Arise and Shine Miracle Conference

An incredible Turbosound system of almost 100 loudspeakers was installed at Florida’s United Bank Center for the 4-day Arise and Shine Miracle Conference to mark the end of 40-days of fasting by the Tabernacle of Glory church. The conference, which took place from 19th June – 31st July and concluded 28th July - 31st July at Bank United Center, is the second annual event hosted by the church which attracts attendees from all over the US and other countries such as Canada, France and the Dominican Republic.

The conference’s 4-day program offered a strong mix of musical performance, preaching and presentations. To provide full-range sound coverage to all areas of United Bank Center, 98 Turbosound loudspeakers from the FLASHLINE, FLEX ARRAY, ASPECT and NuQ ranges were utilised. Lennox Foster, President at Sound Media, and Rodlin Pierre, Music Production Director at Tabernacle of Glory were in charge of sound for the event.

“Because we’re a Caribbean church we like a lot of thump, we like a lot of boom, and with that we like to enjoy clear sound, good clarity”, states Pierre. “In April we used the Turbosound FLASHLINE line array and we had an incredible experience with it: the tone, quality and clarity of the cabinets, so we decided to go ahead and try it for this big event.”

FOH: arrays of 12 TFS-900H were usedeach side of the main stage. Next to the main arrays, high definition bass reinforcement was deployed, consisting of 6 TFA-600L arrays per side. Out hangs of 8 TFA-600H were used to complete the main audience area coverage. 8 TFS-550H for front fills across the lip of the stage completed the entire system - all synchronised back to the main array for accurate source coherence and timing.with under hangs of 3 TFA-600HW

On stage the high power monitor setup included 12 TFM-560 1750-Watt floor monitor loudspeakers, 4 TA-500’s with Turbosound’s Polyhorn technology for side fills and 4 NuQ portable PA loudspeakers providing the performers with state of the art monitoring.

Lennox adds, “Overall, the transient response is good and punchy, which is unusual for large line array systems. The coverage is very consistent with the software used to deploy the system so it’s easy to manage in terms of rigging.”