Turbosound iNSPIRE iP Reviews

You asked for reviews so our PR team have been on a mission to deliver! Below we have 5 iNSPIRE iP reviews from some of our favourite publications. Enjoy!

Live Sound International / Pro Sound Web

"Anyone in the market for a column/sub combo should definitely put the iP2000 on the list. It delivers high-quality sound in a compact footprint that’s easy to transport and flexible in placement." Read...

Sound on Sound

"Given the performance and portability of the system, not to mention the very attractive price, I have to say that I'm impressed. If you need a hint more power and bass extension, there's always the slightly larger iP2000." Read...

Audio Media International

"Overall I think Turbosound has done a great job of striking the balance between providing enough features to enable trouble-free sound reinforcement while not overwhelming the user with a feature set that requires a complex interface to operate." Read...

Voice Council

"Turbosound's iP1000 is a nice looking system that will go impressively loud for its size. Setting the system up is very fast and it will fit into most small cars without too much trouble."